The Basic Seed Production was created gradually, since 1931, starting from the commercial experimental field that had about 100 ha of land by the end of World War II. Right after World War II, in the first agricultural reform, it gained another 160 ha, and later, through land consolidation, it gained another 220 ha in the Tenja area, and the additional 250 ha were purchased during the period from 1961 to 1990 using the funds of the Agricultural Institute Osijek. So the actual founding of the Basic Seed Production dates back to 1961, when the Institute for Advancing Agriculture Osijek grew to become the Agricultural Institute Osijek. After that time, plant breeding programmes for major crop farming cultures started developing at an accelerated rate, our own cultivars and hybrids were created and there was a need to multiply the seed material for the high categories of self-fertilising crops and hybrid lines. For that reason, the Agricultural Institute Osijek bought land using their own funds, in order to increase the amount of available land, at the expense of personal income of their employees at the time, believing that investment in land will ensure better future for the survival and activities of the Agricultural Institute Osijek. The purchasing of land was especially emphasised after the mid 1960s, when agricultural machinery started being used to work the land. In the previous period, the total amount of land in the possession of the Agricultural Institute Osijek was up to 1000 ha. The Basic Seed Production, aside from the land next to the buildings and warehouses of the Agricultural Institute Osijek, has housed, before and now, all the basic machinery (tractors, seed drills, sprinklers, combine harvesters, as well as the repair shop for the machinery and other things). Unfortunately, during the Homeland War, many machines were destroyed during the wartime destruction of Osijek, the front lines of battle were across the land of the Basic Seed Production and numerous minefields were placed on it. The demining process has been completed. So today, the Basic Seed Production has about 700 ha of cultivated land (about 580 ha for the multiplication of pre-basic and basic seed, and about 120 ha for experiments and the selection material of the plant breeding departments). The basic activity of the Basic Seed Production, from its founding until today, has been the multiplication of pre-basic and basic categories of seeds for crop farming cultures. This production is closely connected to the plant breeding department and the Department of Seed Production and Processing of the Agricultural Institute Osijek. The most represented production is the production of wheat, winter and spring barley, soybean, corn, sunflower, alfalfa, field pea, and red clover seeds. Aside from that, a large portion of the land has been adjusted to meet the needs of all the Departments for experimental fields. Namely, everything has been designed in a way that would enable quick and high quality execution of important technological operations within precisely defined agricultural engineering time limits. So services required for plant breeding departments are provided to the Departments of the Agricultural Institute Osijek, primarily in basic and pre-planting processing, as well as in other technological processes if necessary, and regular services are provided in the area of repairing small agricultural machinery (small tractors, small seed drills, small sprinklers, small combine harvesters, and other machinery) located at the plant breeding departments.

Head of department for basic seed production

Darinko Omazić, BSc

Phone: 031 / 515 - 581

Staff of department for basic seed production

Darko Kolar, BSc

Phone: 031 / 515 - 582

Davor Molnar

Phone: 031 / 515 - 584