The Agricultural Institute Osijek is a public research institute in the Republic of Croatia in the scientific field of biotechnology which through scientific research and through finding innovative solutions contributes to the development and advancement of science (plant science) and agricultural production.

The institute establishes scientific programs of strategic importance for Croatia. In collaboration with institutions of higher education it establishes the scientific infrastructure of the whole system of science and higher education and participates in the process of higher education.

The Institute aims to ensure and develop excellence in applied research and development in the field of plant science and to improve production of food and bio-energy, supporting industry and management of the natural resources in the regional, national and European context.


Our vision is to become the leading scientific and research institution in the field of plant sciences in the Pannonian region of the European Union during the next 10 years.

After accepting the European legal framework for regulating scientific and research activities, there are additional possibilities for shaping the Institute into a centre of education and assuming an active role in initiating a scientific doctoral study programme in plant breeding and seed production and processing of agricultural cultures.

The realisation of the Institute’s vision includes the creation of human and infrastructural capacities necessary for realising the Mission of the Institute.