Dear producers,

In cooperation with our partner, we continue to develop a program of new rapeseed creations. Since our goal is to enrich our portfolio with the best creations, based on the results achieved here and in the surrounding area, for further commercial activity we have chosen hybrids and varieties of rapeseed that ensure successful and stable production.

We are grateful for your trust and wish you high yields.

Oilseed rape


Oilseed rape hybrid

Triple resistance: TuYV + Phoma + Verticillium

  • Medium-late hybrid
  • TuYV (Turnip Yellow Virus) resistant hybrid
  • RLM7 gene: resistance to Phoma and other major diseases
  • Very high yield potential
  • High oil content
  • Suitable for all production conditions and all types of soils
  • Quick and intensive growth in autumn
  • Good resistance to low temperatures
  • Good resistance to harvest pod shatter
  • Excellent tolerance to diseases
  • Virus resistance makes it suitable for sowing in earlier periods (no danger of virus infection)
Medium late


Oilseed rape variety

  • Medium-late variety
  • Very high yield potential
  • Very good initial growth
  • Remarkable adaptability
  • Very good branching ability in lower densities
  • High oil yield
  • Average oil content 45.2%
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Medium-height plants (139 cm)
  • Very good resistance to premature pod shatter
  • Very good resistance to diseases
  • Very good resistance to low temperatures
Medium late