Dear producers,

We have expanded the offer of small grains with a high-yielding variety of triticale, which is characterized by an attractive appearance, a lower sowing rate, excellent health status and a large ear of high and stable grain yields.

We are grateful for your trust and wish you high yields.



High-yielding triticale variety, grown across Europe

  • Early variety
  • High-yielding early triticale variety
  • Morphological aspect closer to rye
  • Well-developed root system
  • Uses: livestock feed, whole-plant silage, ethanol and starch production
  • Average stem height 90-100 cm, very high resistance to lodging
  • Good adaptability to different soil and climate conditions, making it suitable for cultivation in all soil types
  • Very high resistance to most widespread diseases, low temperatures and drought
  • Seeding rate of 150 – 160 kg/ha in optimal sowing periods
Early variety