Continued genetic improvement of soybean by modern breeding strategies
The project manager: Aleksandra Sudarić, PhD  (2007-2014)
Scientific project MSES

Stability of sunflower genotypes on important agronomic traits and oil quality
The project manager: Miroslav Krizmanić, PhD  (2008- 2014)
Scientific project MSES

Diaporthe/Phomopsis spp. and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on soybean and sunflower
The project manager: Tomislav Duvnjak, PhD  (2008-2014)
Scientific project MSES

The Effect of Desiccation in Ordinary and Stubble Sowing of Sunflower
The project manager: Ivica Liović, PhD  (2008-2009)
Osijek-Baranja County, Agricultural institute Osijek and Bioagrar d.o.o.