Two-rowed spring barley variety for the malt industry

  • Dado is a well-known high-yielding spring barley variety from the Osijek Agricultural Institute’s selection programme
  • It is equally well-suited to cattle farming, human consumption, and the malt industry
  • As a variety characterised by early maturity, Dado’s vegetation period is well-suited to the production conditions in Croatia and Southeast Europe
  • Its commercial properties include tolerance to most widespread diseases and pests, good drought tolerance, a medium-height, firm, elastic and lodging-resistant stem, and large, uniformly sized grains, with an extremely high standard mass per storage volume
  • Our recommendation is to sow it as early as possible in the spring, with the recommended seeding rate of 210-235 kg/ha

Uses: malting industry, livestock industry, human consumption

Average stem height 75 cm

1000-kernel weight appr. 51 g

Standard mass per storage volume >68 kg/hl

Seeding rate 450 – 450 germinable seeds/m2 (210-235 kg/ha)