New, highly adaptable, medium-early two-rowed winter barley variety

  • Medium-early variety
  • New, high-yielding two-rowed winter barley variety for the livestock industry and human consumption
  • An extremely adaptable variety suitable for cultivation in fertile soils and more intensive production conditions, but also grows well in less fertile soils and in more extensive production conditions
  • High yield potential
  • Tolerance to most widespread diseases
  • Medium-height, firm and elastic stem, resistant to lodging
  • Large, uniformly sized grains
  • Seeding rate of 200-220 kg/ha in optimal sowing periods to achieve target plant density

Uses: livestock industry, human consumption

Average stem height 88 cm

1000-kernel weight 48-50 g

Standard mass per storage volume 67-70 kg/hl

Seeding rate 375-425 germinable seeds/m2 (200-220 kg/ha)