Two-rowed barley variety offering “maximal” yield and yield stability

  • Medium-late variety
  • Most widely grown two-rowed winter barley variety in Osijek Agricultural Institute’s selection programme
  • Recognised and successfully produced in Croatia and 10 other countries in the region and beyond
  • Great adaptability and grain yield stability
  • Highly tolerant to adverse effects of climate change (high temperature oscillations and drought)
  • Good wintering, high productive tillering
  • Short, firm stem, resistant to lodging
  • High tolerance to diseases
  • Often chosen by farmers who use intensive crop management to achieve above-average grain yield
  • Due to its somewhat longer vegetation period, it manifests its yield potential both in the central and in the western production areas in Croatia
  • Recommended seeding rate of 210-220 kg/ha in optimal sowing periods

Uses: livestock industry, human consumption

Average stem height 86 cm

1000-kernel weight 50 g

Standard mass per storage volume 68-70 kg/hl

Seeding rate 375-400 germinable seeds/m2 (207-221 kg/ha)