• A hybrid primarily used for dry grain production;
  • Characterized by high germinability and germination rate, as well as by rapid and balanced initial growth;
  • Suitable for the earliest sowing dates and regularly producing stable and (for its FAO group) high grain yields;
  • It has a short, firm and robust stalk that is exceptionally resistant to lodging and a branched root system;
  • Shorter cylindrical ears, positioned at a medium height and closely to the stalk;
  • Very high tolerance to the most common diseases and adaptable to various soil and climate production conditions;
  • It displays particularly high tolerance to drought and high air temperatures during pollination and grain filling periods.


Purpose: dry grain production

Kernel type: dent-type kernel

Number of rows of kernels: 16–18

Recommended plant density: 75,000–79,000 germinable seeds/ha

44,000–46,000 germinable seeds/cadastral jutro

Sowing: 18–19 cm apart