• A new hybrid from the mid-FAO 400 group whose basic purpose is grain production; however, due to its tall, leafy and robust stalk, it has achieved impressive results in early silage production;
  • It is characterized by high germination rate and germinability (high grain vigour) and expressed kernel dry-down during maturation;
  • It has a medium-height, robust stalk with lush leaves and high tolerance to lodging;
  • Deep and branched roots with great absorption ability;
  • Large cylindrical ears positioned at medium height with deep high-quality kernels; an exceptionally good ear/stalk ratio gives it an advantage in silage production over other competitive hybrids;
  • It has displayed great adaptability to various climate and soil production conditions and is suitable for cultivation in all production areas in Croatia.


Purpose: dry grain production, ear harvesting, silage production

Kernel type: dent-type kernel

Number of rows of kernels: 16–18

Recommended plant density: 71,000–75,000 germinable seeds/ha

41,000–44,000 germinable seeds/cadastral jutro

Sowing: 19–20 cm apart