Six-rowed barley variety with a short vegetation period, resistant to lodging

  • Early variety
  • Most widely grown six-rowed winter barley variety in Croatia
  • Its very early maturity is a very valuable property in increasingly frequent “short vegetation period”, high-stress production years
  • Shorter, extremely firm stem, not prone to lodging, offering special safety in production
  • High tolerance to most widespread barley diseases, good tolerance to extreme weather in winter and to drought
  • Confirmed high grain yield stability; has achieved record yields in some years in a wide cultivation area in Croatia
  • Stable and high grain yields in different soil types, suitable for cultivation in fertile soils and more intensive production conditions
  • Very low per hectare seed consumption: lower seeding rate of 150-160 kg/ha in optimal sowing period

Use: livestock industry

Average stem height 80 cm

1000-kernel weight 41 g

Standard mass per storage volume 65-68 kg/hl

Seeding rate 350-450 germinable seeds/m2 (150-160 kg/ha)