• Intended for grain or whole-plant silage, as well as for ear harvesting in eastern Croatia;
  • Tall and robust stalk with large leaves of great stability;
  • Medium large, high-positioned ears with orange-yellow dent-type kernels, light green husks and white cob;
  • High resistance to the most common diseases and pests, which makes it a frequent choice of numerous agricultural producers;
  • Thanks to its well-developed roots, the plant is highly stable and is characterized by better absorption of nutrients and water, which makes it more adaptable to water shortage in production.


Purpose: grain or whole-plant silage production, ear harvesting in eastern Croatia

Kernel type: dent-type kernel

Number of rows of kernels: 14–16

Recommended plant density: 65,000–68,000 germinable seeds/ha

38,000–39,000 germinable seeds/cadastral jutro

Sowing: 21–22 cm apart