A new, highly adaptable variety with a lower seeding rate

  • Medium-late variety
  • New six-rowed winter barley variety for the livestock industry
  • Successfully produced in entire production area in Croatia due to its remarkable adaptability and grain yield stability in different production conditions
  • Due to its late maturity, it manifests its yield potential both in the central and western production areas in Croatia
  • Medium-height stem (average height of 88 cm), firm, elastic, good resistance to lodging
  • Very large and well-formed grains with a high protein content
  • Tolerant to most widespread barley diseases
  • Very tolerant to adverse effects of climate change such as high temperature oscillations and drought
  • Lower seeding rate thanks to high productive tillering coefficient
  • Recommended seeding rate of 150-170 kg/ha in optimal sowing periods

Use: livestock industry

Average stem height 92 cm

1000-kernel weight 42-46 g

Standard mass per storage volume 64-68 kg/hl

Seeding rate 325 germinable seeds/m2 (150-170 kg/ha)