• Alongside Kulak, it is one of the most sought-after corn hybrids from the selection programme of the Agricultural Institute Osijek;
  • This hybrid is a true representative of the new generation of high-yield and high-stability hybrids;
  • It is very similar to Kulak in terms of grain production, which is the basic purpose of this hybrid, but it displays a somewhat higher tolerance to unfavourable climate and soil production conditions (water shortage, high air temperatures, low quality soil);
  • It has a firm stalk with large leaves and large, regular-tipped and low-positioned ears with regular-shaped reddish-based kernels;
  • It is characterized by a slightly taller stalk than Kulak, as well as a deep, branched root system which allows better absorption of water and nutrients;
  • With intensive crop management and in optimal weather conditions, Tomasov will achieve excellent grain yields.


Purpose: dry grain production, ear harvesting, silage production

Kernel type: dent-type kernel

Number of rows of kernels: 14–16

Recommended stand density: 71,000–75,000 germinable seeds/ha

41,000–44,000 germinable seeds/cadastral jutro

Sowing: 19–20 cm apart