• One of the leaders in the group of silage maize hybrids from the selection programme of the Agricultural Institute Osijek for all production purposes;
  • A hybrid with extraordinary grain yield potential and silage mass potential, which has in the last few years consistently broken records concerning grain production and silage mass production in Croatia, as well as in several other countries;
  • Very popular hybrid with producers for silage or biogas production purposes;
  • Tall stalk with large and robust leaves;
  • Deep and branched roots;
  • Resistance to common diseases and pests;
  • Excellent adaptability to various production conditions;
  • Production of very high yields of high-quality whole-plant or grain silage;
  • Large, regular-shaped and healthy ears make this hybrid an excellent choice for those who consider ear harvesting the most important factor when selecting hybrids for their production.


Purpose: dry grain production, ear harvesting, silage production

Kernel type: dent-type kernel

Number of rows of kernels: 16–18

Recommended plant density: 65,000–68,000 germinable seeds/ha

38,000–39,000 germinable seeds/cadastral jutro

Sowing: 21–22 cm apart