The Department of Seed Production and Processing, as a department of the Agricultural Institute Osijek, began its activities in 1961, when the first larger storage areas for the organised and controlled production of seeds of our varieties and hybrids were built. Since then, our Department has developed and grown along with the growing number of recognised cultivars and the greater representation of the Institute’s product range, domestically and abroad. The construction of new capacities for receiving, processing, and storing seeds began only ten years after the Department started its operations. A facility with 8 cells for receiving seeds was built, with the total capacity of 800 t of seeds, as well as a corn drying facility with the capacity of 60 t of ears of corn. During the next ten years, the network of organised seed production grew and the capacity of the drying facility expanded for another 60 t of ears of corn and the possibility to dry other cultures. A new building was built, with study rooms and the laboratory for determining the quality of seeds, and a large 1000m2 floor storage area. After the Homeland War and the restoration of the damage caused by the aggression on our country, it was necessary to build new capacities for receiving, processing, and storing seeds. The result of that necessity is the commissioning of a new, more modern processing facility in 2011, with the capacity of 10 to 12 processed seeds per hour. The current work and activities of the Department are the result of the committed work of all the employees of the Department during over fifty years in operation, under the leadership of the Department Heads: Stevo Krnić, dipl. ing. (1961 – 1971), Đuro Matijašević (1971 – 1980), Ivan Đurkić (1980 – 1998), Josip Šimenić (1998 – 2012), and Luka Andrić (2012 – today).

The work and the activities of the Department of Seed Production and Processing include the organisation of seed production, processing, promotion, and marketing of varieties and hybrids of the Agricultural Institute Osijek. In addition, our Laboratory for Testing Seed Quality is providing seed quality testing services for seeds made by other producers, along with our creations. With increasing frequency, our processing department is providing seed processing services to other producers.

Among the work and the activities of the Department of Seed Production and Processing, we would like to emphasize the large quantity of scientific research done by the employees of our Department, from the area of seed production and processing, which we are conducting continuously, with the purpose of introducing modern methods for a more efficient application of new technologies from the area of seed production, supervision, and processing.  We would also like to point out that our scientific research has resulted in the publishing of more than two hundred scientific and professional papers and that the scientists from out Department have often served as members of various boards in scientific meetings and that they participate in the work of various state bodies and professional associations.