The leading winter barley variety in Croatia

  • Medium-early variety
  • One of the top two-rowed winter barley varieties in Osijek Agricultural Institute’s selection programme
  • Leading variety in barley production in Croatia for a number of years, equally important for the malting and livestock industries
  • Tolerant to the most widespread diseases
  • Short, firm and elastic stem, resistant to lodging
  • Large, uniformly sized grains
  • Amount and stability of grain yield confirmed in many more or less challenging years and in a wide cultivation area
  • Successfully grown in Romania, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the leading varieties in barley production in North Macedonia all this time
  • Recommended seeding rate of 220-250 kg/ha in optimal sowing periods

Uses: malting industry, livestock industry, human consumption

Average stem height 80 cm

1000-kernel weight 46-48 g

Standard mass per storage volume 67-72 kg/hl

Seeding rate 450 germinable seeds/m2 (220-250 kg/ha)