Most widespread winter peas variety in Croatia

  • Medium-late variety
  • Most widely grown winter field peas cultivar in Croatia
  • Used in coarse fodder production
  • Ensures economically profitable and environmentally friendly production
  • A prized ruminant feed due to its high nutritional value, in particular for dairy cows, in which its consummation increases milk production and quality
  • Sown together with a winter cereal, usually Galloper, a higher-habitus wheat variety
  • Rapid growth
  • Modest crop management requirements, with minimal investments in protection and fertilisation
  • Excellent resistance to low temperatures
  • Great pre-crop: increases soil nitrogen content and curbs weeds
  • Vacates the field early, allowing for two harvests a year in the same field. After removal, we recommend stubble sowing of early OS corn hybrids such as OS 3114
  • Robust stem, height 135-185 cm
  • When harvested in the blooming and first pod formation phase (15-25 May), yields 50-60 t/ha of green matter, or more than 25 t/ha of haylage and more than 10 t/ha of hay

Sowing season: 10-25 October

Harvesting season: 15-25 May (blooming and first pod formation phase)

Yield: 50-60 t/ha of green matter (DM content 16-18%)

Protein content in DM: 18%

Recommended plant density: 1-1.2 million plants per hectare

Seeding rate: 130-150 kg of peas + 50 kg of cereal