On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, the Agricultural Institute Osijek was visited by the Sub Union of Turkish Seed Industrialists and Producers (TSŰAB – Sub Union of Turkish Seed Industrialist and Producers) as part of the project “Development of the Seed Production and Processing Sector in Eastern Anatolia, South-Eastern Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean”.

The primary task of the mentioned union is the representation of the Turkish seed industry and the implementation of the Turkish legislature with the legislature of the European Union in the sector of seed production, protection, and processing.

In a cordial atmosphere, the representatives of the Agricultural Institute Osijek, the Director, izv.prof.dr.sc. Zvonimir Zdunić, and the representatives from the processing and production departments, received the Turkish delegation, which consisted of 18 entrepreneurs, the representatives of Turkish companies.

After the words of greeting and a short presentation about the Agricultural Institute Osijek by the Director, there were presentations of plant breeding programmes and the production departments of the Agricultural Institute Osijek.

The particularly formal part of the gathering was the signing of the Mutual Understanding Memorandum between the Sub Union of Turkish Seed Industrialists and Producers “TSŰAB” and the Croatian association “Hrvatsko sjeme” (Croatian Seed). The Memorandum was signed by the Vice-President of “TSŰAB”, Mr. Yıldıray GENÇER and the President of the association “Hrvatsko sjeme”, dr.sc. Luka Andrić.