Ph.D. Valentina Španić, a scientist at the Osijek Agricultural Institute, Department for Breeding and Genetics of Small Grain Cereals is the winner of the 2021 State Prize for Science in the Field of Biotechnical Sciences.

Congratulations !!

State awards for science are awarded by the Republic of Croatia for extremely important achievements in scientific research, for the expansion of scientific knowledge and for scientific achievements in the application of the results of scientific research work, achieved by scientists, researchers and scientific novices. The Law on Croatian State Prizes for Science foresees the awarding of four types of state prizes for science. These are the lifetime achievement award, the annual award for science, the annual award for the popularization and promotion of science, and the annual award for young scientists.

Annual Science Award

It is awarded for special scientific achievement, scientific discovery and application of the results of scientific research work. Each year, up to three annual prizes can be awarded for each scientific field.